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We light up your offices and residence with the scenic beauty of the Tribal art, craft and traditions through Tribal master craftsmen. See the Tribal art come alive by getting your rooms designed in Tribal colours and themes by the painstaking efforts of our esteemed and talented artisans from across the country.

Services provided for interior designing-

The process starts with a design consultation followed by a detailed design of the space in an ethnic Tribal mode.

This would include custom space design and plan, to communicate the design render

  • Space planning-(Function and Flow of the space)
  • Design concept
  • Style Discovery
  • Measuring and taking pictures in the home or business
  • Selection of the fixtures and materials
  • Selection of accessories, lighting and artwork
  • Color/paint consultation if required
  • Furniture and rug plan
  • Installation with styling and decorating
  • Art Hanging
  • Reupholstering of existing pieces
  • Other needs as and when require

From a wide of range of Home Décor products our team will help you design your workplace and home.From the world of Tribes India, we offer you a wide range of products to decorate your living and work spaces. Each piece and service provided has a story to tell about our Tribals residing in remote areas of the country. It is a journey from the forests to our houses/offices, bringing the Tribal culture to your doorsteps.

We love to tell stories through our traditional Tribal School of Paintings as follows-

  • Pithorapainting done by RathwaTribe from Gujarat
  • Gond paintings from Pradhan of Gond Tribes from Madhya Pradesh
  • Saurapainting by SauraTribe of Odisha
  • Warlipainting by the WarliTribes of Maharashtra

All the above school of paintings can be done on Walls, Doors, Windows, Ceilings, Pillars and any other space/corner as

In case wall art is something you are unsure of we have for you a whole range of Tribal School of Paintings on different mediums(Paper/Canvas/Silk) available in the form of Framed and Unframed paintings which add beauty and colour to your surroundings. Our USP is that we have no similar piece of the painting you buy, each is in its true sense One of a Kind.

  • Palm leaf engraved paintings by SauraTribes from Odisha
  • Saurapainting on TassarSilk by SauraTribe of Odisha
  • Pithorapaintings by RathwaTribes of Gujarat
  • Gond paintings by Pradhansof Gond Tribes of Madhya Pradesh
  • Warlipainting by the WarliTribes of Maharashtra
  • Thankapaintings on Silk from BhutiaTribes of Sikkim

All of the above school of paintings are available with us in different sizes. Also, they can be customised to your preference and requirements in terms of colours, sizes & styles.

Wide range of artefacts and decorative items we have for you, complimenting the wall art is as follows-

  • Wood craft
  • Cane & Bamboo fixtures and furniture from Tribes of North East
  • Dokracraft from Tribes spread in the states of Chhattisgarh, Telangana & Odisha
  • Blue pottery artefacts from Rajasthan
  • Longpipottery from TangkhulNaga Tribe of Manipur
  • Torans& Decorative Hangings from Bhil tribes of Gujarat
  • And many more exquisite artefacts

Home furnishings add character to the space and what better than using our Tribal Handwoven and embroidered pieces that the tell the tales of hard work and labour through each stitch in them. The list of products is as follows

  • Curtains, Table cloth, runners, cushion covers, available in Block Printing from Madhya Pradesh and Applique and Tanka Work in from Rajasthan.
  • Grass curtains & place mats from West Bengal and Jharkhand
  • Cushions, runners, table mats by Toda tribe of Tamil Nadu
  • Cushions, runners, table mats from North Eastern states

Our rates for services & products:

  • Wall paintings startingfrom Rs.350/-per sqft
  • Framed & unframed paintings, starting range Rs.500/-& above.
  • All artefacts are Rs.500/-& above.
  • Office & home furnishing Rs.200/-& above. For customized items, rate on demand.
  • Furniture & fixtures –Cane & bamboo –Rs.400/-& above, and customized items rate on demand.

Rates are uniform Pan India. Taxes extra as applicable. Service charges @ 20 % of the actual cost of products.

Staying close to nature is what we all want, and we just fulfil your wish by blending tribal culture with plants and planters to give a special touch to your environment.

Download the Brochure:

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